Dominic Rapini was born in New Haven, CT and his family moved to Hamden in 1963. His father Thomas Rapini was a WWII veteran and a self-employed tile-man and his mother, Norma Rapini, worked at Pratt & Whitney and Yale University while raising three sons: Michael, Dominic and Allen.

Growing up in Hamden, Dominic played youth sports, had his own landscaping business, worked a summer in Germany and toured East Berlin. Dominic graduated from Hamden High School in 1979 as a two-sport captain in Football and Track. Dominic was accepted to Trinity College as a Biology and Psychology major with a concentration in Neuroscience.  He graduated in 1983 from Trinity College earning All-New England Honors in Football and Track while capping his career as an All-American hammer thrower - 1983.

Dominic spent his college summers studying Computer Science, working as an EMT in the North End of Hartford, and working with his father mixing cement and laying tile. He then went on to teach science, introduce Athletic Training services, and coach football as well as track at the Westminster School, Simsbury, CT.


In 1986, Dominic entered the Personal Computer industry selling Apple products in retail, corporate sales and as a sales manager.  He went on to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Microtech International, developing consumer and commercial computer storage products, bringing new products to market with sales and distribution throughout the US.

In 1997, Dominic joined Apple in the Consumer Retail division working with US retailers to sell Beats audio products, Macintosh, iPad, and iPhone with retail partners - large and small nationwide. His work ethic, drive and innovative approach to business earned him the title of Apple salesperson of the year twice.


In his spare time Dominic has been a Coach and leader of Hamden Pop Warner youth football & cheerleading for over 30 years. He has coached all demographics and ages from 5 to 14 and, earned a reputation as an innovator in coaching and league management.  In 2005 he was named a member of the New Haven Football Hall of Fame and has been honored as a Distinguished Alumni of Hamden High. Among other charitable endeavors, Dominic co-chaired the 2016 Easter Seals Celebrate campaign and has volunteered with New Reach, LLC - an innovative non-profit helping the homeless in New Haven and Fairfield counties. 

Currently Dominic lives in Branford, CT with his wife Susan, their children Katlyn, Thomas, and Annie.


The starting point for approaching issues and solving problems. I’m about solving problems. the Decisions I make, and the actions I take, begin with the application of these guiding principles to the problem or issue

Pragmatism Before Ideology - Find the practical solutions to the problems before us instead of being limited to party philosophy and group-think. Put Connecticut before politics.

Freedom - The defining principle of a conservative is freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom from undue interference by government and freedom to be personally responsible for our lives. 

All Ideas Matter - Embrace opposition and consider all points of view with respect and be unafraid to consider new ideas and to enter into respectful debate. This is also known as listening. 

Do Good, Not What Feels Good - Every solution must be measured by the good it accomplishes and not by how good it makes us feel. Money in a tin cup makes us feel good, but finding sustainable funding to relieve homelessness achieves something meaningful.

Less is More - Sometimes the most powerful and courageous word for a leader is the word ‘No’. We must always be prepared to say no to the regulations, legislations, or funding requests that fail to provide clear changes or benefits to Connecticut or our nation.


All worthwhile endeavors start with asking yourself ‘Why’?  The answer to ‘why’ am I running for the US Senate begins with a heartfelt belief that Connecticut is under siege by political self-interest, competing objectives and priorities that put ideology ahead of solutions. Six years of single party rule has decimated our tax base as businesses and citizens flee Connecticut for more reasonable, well run states - as close as Massachusetts and as far away as Florida or Texas. 

Our Federal, all Democratic, delegation offers no help, ideas, or solutions because they are distracted with the “#resistance" and are too busy spreading hyperbolic messages of fear and hate to help fuel their activism and to advance partisan agendas and political ambitions. 

What I will offer is a rich life experience as a coach, mentor, and a businessman with 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. My style is practical, innovative and thoughtful - my character is grounded in respect for others and I value all reasonable opinions and perspectives. I believe that a great public servant must be pragmatic above ideological, they must, above all else, believe in Connecticut and the awesome potential of our citizenry, our inner cities, and our business communities.

I believe Connecticut should lead the nation in being the best place to live, to start a business and to raise a family. The path forward begins by putting Connecticut before our politics.

By running for US Senate, I plan to make these dreams a reality and I will put Connecticut first.


Dominic Anthony Rapini • Candidate for US Senate - 2018