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Chris Murphy was caught lying again. This time, The Washington Post gave him 3 Pinocchio's on his gun control claims.



Chris Murphy would rather punish law-abiding citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights, as long it helps keep him in front of a camera and keeps the campaign cash rolling in.

The bottom line is that Chris Murphy will say, and do anything, to push his ultra far-left agenda.

Not only was Murphy's statement false but the 'research' he presented was manipulative. And he didn't stop there. In what can only be described as deplorable, Chris Murphy used the tragedy in Las Vegas to pad his campaign coffers.

A manipulating, self-serving politician like Chris Murphy is so used to lying he probably forgets what it's like to tell the truth.

Chris Murphy cannot be trusted.

It's time we have someone in the United States Senate that we can be proud of.

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