The world economy is full of change with automations, machine learning, the advent of driverless cars, and a not so distant future that includes robots of all varieties - all examples of technology that will forever change our workforce and the skills required to be competitive. While we cannot predict the nature of change, change is certain. As a nation, we must prepare or children - our future workforce. A commitment to preparation requires an exceptional education experience for our youth. Exceptional education begins with a commitment to keep the child at the center of all our policies, it means curriculums must focus on fundamentals and emphasize the difficult STEM disciplines. Let the states and the teachers decide the best course of action and let’s not burden the educators with dictates like Common Core. Above all else, parents should have the choice to educate their children as they see fit and not be limited to their zip code. School choice will empower parents, keep children at the center of the conversation and encourage competition between educational institutions.

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