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HAMDEN – Dominic Rapini, Republican candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement calling on Chris Murphy to demand the resignation of Elizabeth Esty.

“By covering up the intimidation and harassment in her office, Elizabeth Esty has clearly shown that she cannot be trusted.  She abused her position and actively worked to cover up her crime.  Now that she has been exposed for the fraud that she is, Elizabeth Esty is unable to perform her duties in Congress or serve her constituents.  It is time for Elizabeth Esty to finally do the right thing and resign immediately. 
I am not going to hold my breath.  We already know that Elizabeth Esty is more concerned with protecting herself and holding onto power for as long as she can.  So, it's time for the rest of the congressional delegation to stand up for Connecticut and demand that she resign.  
Which begs the question: Where is Chris Murphy?  Why has he been so silent? 
Normally he would push Senator Blumenthal out of the way in his race to the nearest camera, express outrage and demand something happen immediately.  Not letting a crisis go to waste, Chris Murphy would then quickly follow it up with a fundraising email blaming the President, Congressional Republicans, and some special interest group.
This time is different.  No outrage.  No fundraising email.  Just support for Elizabeth Esty.

His silence here is deafening.

Chris Murphy needs to show that here in Connecticut we have zero tolerance for abuse of power, cover-ups, and we will not tolerate politicians who claim be defenders of women while protecting their abusers. I am calling on Chris Murphy to demand that Elizabeth Esty resign.”


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