Chris Murphy is lying to you about tax reform. I have proof.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation of how two real life Connecticut families will save thousands of dollars under the Republican Tax Reform Bill.

So why would Chris Murphy spread these lies? Anyone with a computer can check the math.  Simple. Chris Murphy is one of the most partisan Senators in the United States Senate. He is so blinded by his radical ideology, that he cannot find it in himself to support a Republican plan - even if it helps the middle class! 
But probably an even scarier reason is that Chris Murphy believes that he knows better than you. He believes that government is always the answer to every problem.  Chris Murphy will say, and do anything, to push his ultra far-left agenda.
A manipulating, self-serving politician like Chris Murphy is so used to lying he probably forgets what it's like to tell the truth.
Chris Murphy cannot be trusted.
It's time we have someone in the United States Senate that we can be proud of.

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