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BRANFORD – Dominic Rapini, Republican candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement after the Journal Inquirer reported that Chris Murphy accepted campaign contributions from disgraced former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.

“Chris Murphy’s hypocrisy knows no boundaries.  He claims to support women and wants you to believe that he will take a strong stand against sexual assault, but his actions say something entirely different.
First there was Senator Al Franken who resigned due sexual misconduct allegations. It was only after he was pressured, that Chris Murphy ultimately decided to return his tainted campaign cash.  And despite calls from me to demand a vote to remove him from the United States Senate, Chris Murphy stood by Al Franken and refused to seek his removal from office.
Then there was the case of Elizabeth Esty who is not seeking reelection because she covered up for her chief of staff after discovering allegations he had harassed, abused, and threatened a female staffer.  Where was Chris Murphy’s outrage?  Normally quick to push Senator Blumenthal out of the way to get to a camera, Chris Murphy failed women everywhere by staying silent and not demanding that she resign.
Now we learn that Chris Murphy accepted thousands of dollars from former governor Eliot Spitzer who resigned after paying $80,000 for prostitutes while he was attorney general and governor.  Last year, when Chris Murphy was asked if politicians should return money from Harvey Weinstein, Murphy said: "I think that probably makes sense. I mean this is a pretty bad guy, who did some really awful things.”  But when he was asked about the money he received from Eliot Spitzer, Chris Murphy ducked the question and has yet to return the money.
This is a disturbing pattern of behavior by a U.S. Senator who is more concerned with his personal political ambitions than anything else.  We deserve better." 

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