The career politician represents a two-edged sword for American Politics. On one hand, we take comfort in the accumulation of legislative experience and acquisition of battled tested skills that come from committee deliberations, debate on the floor, and years of interaction with constituents. Yet, we are repelled at the thought of the ‘swamp' that permeates Washington D.C. A swamp that comes from years of groupthink, ideology seep, and the survival mode that comes from needing to be re-elected. We see many examples of ineffective politicians persisting in their elected position because their constituents either vote on ideology, and not on competence, or they don’t vote out of apathy - I’m not sure which is worse. It is time for term limits and a return to the idea our founding fathers envisioned whereby our nation is led by qualified, reasonable citizens who serve and return to the private sector. I’m pretty sure Thomas Jefferson and James Madison never considered the career politician as the best option for America's leadership. My promise is to call for term limits for congress, I will lead by example and plan to only run for two terms. 

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